Frequently Asked Questions

1What is Kiwiversity?
Kiwiversity School Management System is an innovative and affordable web-based software, designed to facilitate the administration of your school. It will manage student enrollment, attendance, classes and much, much more. It is designed to efficiently manage your school data system, all in one place. It is a cloud-based platform that runs directly from your browser with no need for installation of any software. Kiwiversity is always up to date and accessible from anywhere with internet access. It offers a unique affordable suite of software that unifies the school administration in a single database, saving your school money by minimizing resources and errors.
2Is Kiwiversity affordable?
School administration software is often expensive and unfortunately, the truth is that it is even more expensive not to use one! Indeed, Kiwiversity organizes and manages tasks online, reducing paper costs. It also maximizes efficiency by the use of automation, reducing working hours. Kiwiversity is one of the most affordable school management systems. It offers a subscription-based model that scales with the size of your school. There are no long-term contracts, the setup and data migration is free and we offer unlimited customer support, worry-free data storage and backup. Your school will never pay extra for modules, add-ons, upgrades, or technical support.
3Does Kiwiversity exist in multi-language?
Kiwiversity has always aimed to provide school management system solutions all over the world. We already have a customer base in many different countries. With this global approach in mind, Kiwiversity is currently available in English, French and Spanish. More languages are coming soon.
4How do users access Kiwiversity?
Kiwiversity is hosted by secured servers on a cloud system, so you can access your school information anywhere there is an internet connection. Data is updated in real time so that many users can be online at the same time making updates from anywhere in the world. You do not need to constantly back up your information and you do not have to be afraid of losing data if your desktop or laptop happens to break down.
5How do I pay for my Kiwiversity subscription and can I cancel it anytime?
Kiwiversity offers different subscription options. You can pay monthly, every three months, six months or for the full year. If you decide to stop using Kiwiversity, simply stop paying your monthly subscription fees.
6Can teachers or parents access Kiwiversity?
Kiwiversity uses a teacher profile to simplify teacher's experiences. The default teacher profile can quickly be modified to further limit or expand what the teachers can do and see when they use Kiwiversity. Kiwiversity also offers a parent portal allowing parents or guardians to access children information, update their personal information and inform the school of their decisions to renew or not their school registration. School administrators can use this parent renewal information to help organize and build the next class sessions.
7Can I restrict what other users can see or access on their accounts?
Yes, the main school administrator has the capability of setting what other users, teachers or other administrators can access. To accomplish this, Kiwiversity uses profiles to simplify and control user's experiences. Profiles define the access that users will have in Kiwiversity. For example the teacher profile will limit what the teachers can do and see when they use Kiwiversity. The teachers see only those features that administrators want them to see. When you create and deploy a new profile for a group of users, they will see, in Kiwiversity, the features, menu items and modules that you have defined in this profile.
8How does Kiwiversity track students’ tuition payments?
Information regarding student tuition payments and credit hours will follow students from the time of their enrollment, to session completion, session renewal, or transfer to another class. Kiwiversity will always notify you if a student forgets to renew tuition payments, saving your school time and money!
9Can teachers generate their own invoices for their teaching services?
Yes, teachers can automatically generate their invoices and email it to the school from the class hours they log to the Kiwiversity hour module. Every time teaching hours are entered, they are also automatically deducted from each student’s tuition credit hours. In addition, student payments due are automatically flagged by the system, allowing teachers or school administrators to track all the past-due tuitions.
10How does Kiwiversity interface with other systems?
Kiwiversity can connect to your school website’s contact page and automatically capture all your prospective students’ information. Once in Kiwiversity, our system will nurture all your leads for you. A prospects report will list the details of your leads so you can easily contact them. In addition, a set of export files will allow your school to easily interface the Kiwiversity system with third party tools, such as email distribution list software (MailChimp) and accounting software (QuickBooks, Quicken, etc.). Finally, Kiwiversity also uses Workato Intelligent Automation to communicate with any other Workato compatible software in real time.
11My school needs a specific report that currently does not exist in Kiwiversity. Can this report be created?
Kiwiversity releases new reports and new options regularly. If your school needs additional reports, Kiwiversity will be happy to work with you to add a report at no additional cost to you. Why do we do this? Kiwiversity’s flexibility as a cloud-based system allows all subscribed schools to take advantage of its features. If one or more additional features are implemented for your school, all other subscribed schools will also benefit from using these new features as well, which helps the Kiwiversity system grow for everyone! This is why Kiwiversity will implement additional reports or even sometimes new features for your school at no additional cost.
12Does Kiwiversity offer an e-commerce option?
Yes, Kiwiversity E-commerce Solution offers a simple and attractive e-commerce platform, controlled by the Kiwiversity School Management System. It can also be integrated into your website. From this platform, visitors can register to classes, buy books, memberships and make donations.
13What kind of reports does Kiwiversity offer?
Kiwiversity incorporates a reporting dashboard to generate online, Excel or PDF reports. These reporting tools will allow to quickly visualize and analyze the school data. It’s all about the Reports. Kiwiversity is also equipped with a reporting module that allows for generating online reports to meet the needs of the different users of the system. These reports are very comprehensive and provide analytics that help administrators assess the school’s performance and allow them to create plans for the future. With an increased automation, paperwork is almost eliminated from the day-to-day work process.
14Is my school data secured?
Yes, Kiwiversity takes care of your school data with our Cloud Backup powered by Amazon S3. All your school data will be backed up and saved at an off-premises physical storage location or, more commonly, stored on “the cloud.” Your school data will be backed up on a daily basis with a three-month retention period.